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March 2012

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I'm still doing the ~font de Anniversary~ con MC as i promised redhai, but it may take quite a while more. I suck at timing and long videos frustrate me. I took forever (literally months) just to finish this one, especially with all the school work and other commitments.

This video is actually a fancam (the quality is quite good for a fancam tho) from the Phi con 1/1, the one recorded for the DVD, but apparently it was cut out? Anyways, it’s a part of the MC after the famous kiss on the lips, and right before the awesome Harmony of December performance. This MC kinda explains why the HOD perf turned out that way~ xD

Highlights includes a cute Koichi being "broken" as he tries to recover from the shock of the kiss xD I did not sub the song but if you want, newshfan subbed it (as part of the concert), and hikaeru did karaoke subs for it too. <3

Notes: I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy because i'm translating from someone else's translations. Furthermore, it’s in traditional chinese, which i am not that familiar with >.< (Since i learn simplified chinese). Feel free to point out my mistakes. Thanks, and enjoy <3 Comments would be awesome <3

Credits to Shiroi no Sekai, the KinKi Kids Chinese sub team for the chinese subs and the video and tieba.baidu for the gifs <3

I uploaded on MF since many people cannot use MU. But if many people request for MU, I will upload it on MU too~

Subs Video


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wow thank you very much<3333333333
You're welcome :) Enjoy <3
thank you ^_^
Welcome <3 Hope u enjoy it :)
You're welcome :)
thank you!
You're welcome :)
thank you so much!! i can't wait to find out what happens!
You're welcome~ hope you enjoy it ;)
Thank you.)
You're welcome :) Enjoy~
Huh huh! Curious~
Taking and thank you darlin' *Hugs*
Hope you enjoy it ;)

You're welcome <3 *hugs back*
thanks! :D
You're welcome :) Enjoy~
thanks so much ! :D
You're welcome :) Enjoy~
Thank u very much! <3
You're welcome <3 Enjoy~
Thanks a lot! =)
You're welcome~ Enjoy :)
Thanks a lot. Koichi is so cute trying to overcome the kiss and yet you see that he is happy ^_^
They really know how to do fan service :D
You're welcome :) Yupps super cute <333 HAHA tad's KinKi for u xDDD the subs are ok?
you are great great great GREAT <3<3<3 Totally love you for this ♥

(the gifs are great too, I'd love to see them on tumblr somewhere *.*)
HAHA nah i'm not. but ur comment makes me really happy <333 thanks!!!

haha u can take e gifs and upload on tumblr.rmb to credit tieba.baidu tho. i got frm dere :) i rmb posting it b4 but im lazy to search for it >.< haha
Thank you!! ^__^
You're welcome :) Hope u enjoy~
Thanks so much for hte vid andthe subs! Finally I get to see that part of the MC. :D
You're welcome <3 ikr? its so sad tad they cut out so much of the MC frm e DVD >.
Thank you so much <33
You're welcome <3 Enjoy :)
Thank you!
Welcome :) Enjoy~
This is adorable! *__* Thank you!
tad's wad motivated me to sub & share :) You're welcome :) Enjoy <3
Thank you ^^
You're welcome :) Hope u enjoy~
Thank you!
Emmm... can i use your gifs??
You're welcome :)

Feel free :) they're not mine anyways. u can credit tieba.baidu since i get from dere <3
Thank you!
You're welcome :) Enjoy~
Thank you very much for the subbed and for sharing ^^
It's my pleasure :) Hope u enjoy~
You're welcome :)
Thank you! :D
You're welcome :)
I remember watching the fancams a few years ago but didn't remember 'that' XD (or maybe I didn't understand everything at that time *laughs*)
Thanks a lot for subbing this! Such an adorable MC <3
hahahaha you're welcome <3 IKR? xD super adorable!
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