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March 2012

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KinKi Kids font de anniversary MC subbed

This is something that i owed redhai for very long already. and together with catoztruesthis was done ♥ So remember to thank her too :D

*We do not claim 100% accuracy of the subs
*The quality isn't that good (the video was taken from domotokyoudai comm)

It's a really cute and funny MC (as always of ftr, really ♥). Highlights include a supeeeeeer shy & 'broken' Kou ♥, Tsu being the awesome aikata, pretty Tsu ♥ (i love this hairstyle of his!), a lot of teasing, lots of behind the scene talk on Johnny's Countdown and Hatsumode, lots of mention of Nakai being the ultimate troll sempai ♥, Nagase being EPIC is usual ♥, talk about Higashi, TOKIO, V6, and Eito, etc. Oh and there's A.B.C and MA too ♥

Video Subs [edited 13.01.2014]


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I will finally get to know what they're talking about! Thank you so much for your hard work! *HUGS*
Oh wow! U are fast! HAHA. You're welcome:D it was the work of both catoztrues and i~ *hugs back*
Thank you soooo much !!!
U're welcome :D
You're awesome. Honestly.
And I think MA comm at least would be happy to see this.
Oh no. Really. Half the work was by catoztrues. :D

hmmm you think? alright. I'll crosspost den :D
WOW This is cool.
I'm sure they would like it.
You think? Then i guess maybe i shld :D
Thanks for sharing :D
U're welcome! ;D
thank you so much ! :DD
U're welcome! :D
yay!! i've always wanted to know what they were talking about!! thank you so much for doing this and sharing!!
Yay! Enjoy watching! No prob~ It was a joint effort with catoztrues so it wasnt tad bad :D
Yaaay! Thank you so much! *_*
Enjoy watching! :D
Thanks for your work ! *o*
U're welcome :D Tho half of it was done by catoztrues :D
Thank you for subbing and shating! Taking the softsub ^^
No problem! We're glad to share :D
wow thanks for the translation!!
cute and baka Kou and charming beautiful Tsu~~
this is one of my favorite concerts of them^^
U're welcome! :D Cute and baka Kou is one of my fav sides of him <3 Tsu is always charming <3 and beautiful (if he gets e right hairstyle) haha. Yupps. It's one of my fav con too ;)
thanks for the hard work :))
YAY! U're welcome :D
Thank you for your work! : )
I only did half the work haha. U're welcome :D btw, ur icon ♥
thank you for subbing and sharing
No prob :D We're glad to share this awesome MC <3
thank you thank you thank you and thank youuuu !

I love youu ~~~ <3
haha you're welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

haha half of that love shld go to catoztrues :)

thanks so much^^
U're welcome~ :D hope u enjoy watching~
taking this, Thank you very much! m(_ _)m
U're welcome :D
Thanks a lot for your hardwork XD
No prob :D
Thank you.)
U're welcome :D
Thank you for sharing *bow
No prob :D We hope u enjoy watching~ *bows back*
OMG,Thank you so much for this ^^
this Tsuyo asymmetrical hair is so cute n sexy ♥
HAHA we're glad to have so many people enjoying this awesome MC~

deshou? ♥ i like his 07 hair too!
You're awesome. ♥ Thank you.
U're welcome ♥ and because i have an awesome partner catoztrues :D
Thank you!
U're welcome :D
Yay! Now I'll finally be able to get what the KinKi are talking about. =)
Thanks a lot for the softsubs! I was afraid I'd have to download the hardsubbed version, even though I have raws somewhere.
Hope u enjoy watching it :D ah so far, we only know how to do softsubs. nv ventured into hardsubs before :)
Thank you! ♥♥

This con is one of my faves from them. The selection of songs are great and like usual, Tsuyo & Koichi were great. :DDD
U're welcome ♥

Yupps! It's one of my fav con of theirs too :) They r always great :D
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