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March 2018

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KinKi Kids font de anniversary MC subbed

This is something that I owed redhai for very long already. and together with catoztruesthis was done ♥ So remember to thank her too :D

*We do not claim 100% accuracy of the subs
*The quality isn't that good (the video was taken from domotokyoudai comm)

It's a really cute and funny MC (as always of Futari, really ♥). Highlights include a super shy & 'broken' Koichi, Tsuyoshi being the awesome aikata, pretty Tsu ♥ (I love this hairstyle of his!), a lot of teasing, lots of behind the scene talk on Johnny's Countdown and Hatsumode, lots of mention of Nakai being the ultimate troll sempai ♥, Nagase being EPIC is usual ♥, talk about Higashiyama san, TOKIO, V6, and Eito, etc. Oh and there's A.B.C and MA too ♥

EDIT (04/01/2018): I am too lazy to go and edit my subs so please pardon the bad grammar and editing when you watch the video! My links are now private due to strict copyright reasons. However, feel free to leave me a comment and I will dm you the download links. :D


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I will finally get to know what they're talking about! Thank you so much for your hard work! *HUGS*
Oh wow! U are fast! HAHA. You're welcome:D it was the work of both catoztrues and i~ *hugs back*
Thank you soooo much !!!
U're welcome :D
You're awesome. Honestly.
And I think MA comm at least would be happy to see this.
Oh no. Really. Half the work was by catoztrues. :D

hmmm you think? alright. I'll crosspost den :D
WOW This is cool.
I'm sure they would like it.
You think? Then i guess maybe i shld :D
Thanks for sharing :D
U're welcome! ;D
thank you so much ! :DD
U're welcome! :D
yay!! i've always wanted to know what they were talking about!! thank you so much for doing this and sharing!!
Yay! Enjoy watching! No prob~ It was a joint effort with catoztrues so it wasnt tad bad :D
Yaaay! Thank you so much! *_*
Enjoy watching! :D
Thanks for your work ! *o*
U're welcome :D Tho half of it was done by catoztrues :D
Thank you for subbing and shating! Taking the softsub ^^
No problem! We're glad to share :D
wow thanks for the translation!!
cute and baka Kou and charming beautiful Tsu~~
this is one of my favorite concerts of them^^
U're welcome! :D Cute and baka Kou is one of my fav sides of him <3 Tsu is always charming <3 and beautiful (if he gets e right hairstyle) haha. Yupps. It's one of my fav con too ;)
thanks for the hard work :))
YAY! U're welcome :D
Thank you for your work! : )
I only did half the work haha. U're welcome :D btw, ur icon ♥
thank you for subbing and sharing
No prob :D We're glad to share this awesome MC <3
thank you thank you thank you and thank youuuu !

I love youu ~~~ <3
haha you're welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

haha half of that love shld go to catoztrues :)

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